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Dahua DH-MV Makina Görme Smart Kamera

Dahua DH-MV Makina Görme Smart Kamera

The Dahua S5000 series smart camera features a powerful machine vision system that provides high-speed and highly reliable template matching and code-reading functionality.The camera is embedded with a Movidius Myriad 2 VPU deep learning processor and comes complete with an intuitive UI and a wide range of built-in communications protocol interfaces for different PLC systems,allowing both novice and experienced operators to easily deploy a complete machine vision solution and quickly obtain accurate results.


Movidius Myraid 2 VPU Platform

The Intel Movidius Myriad 2 VPU (Vision Processing Unit) enables advanced vision computer performance and deep learning features in Dahua S5000 series smart industrial cameras.This leading low-power consumption vision processor embedded with artificial intelligence provides improved processing capabilities for accelerating high speed machine vision tasks such as template matching and code recognition through use of deep learning algorithms.

Intuitive UI Interface

Dahua MV Viewer and SVStudio machine vision workstations (access via Windows-enabled PC) are easy to master.Their intuitive GUIs enable you to quickly get started in industrial image processing without any prior programming knowledge thanks to a visual point-and-click process interface. Operators simply select the functions they would like to enable, organize them in the correct order, and the smart camera will seamlessly execute the appropriate imaging plan.

Full Range of Protocol Interfaces

The Dahua S5000 series smart camera provides a full range of built-in communication protocols such as Ethernet IP/FTP/PROFINET and Modbus. This wide selection makes it easy to seamlessly integrate with various system infrastructures.Multiple indicator lights indicate the camera’s current interface operating status.

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